Prestigious Banana

prestigious dude

Prestigious dude

Prestigious dude

If the banana’s got no sticker

It’s not food

Isn’t it weird that we put stickers on fruit? A banana is the baby of a banana tree. It is not a brand.

Isn’t it weird that we put stickers on people? This one went to college X, OOOOHHHHH, AAAAAAHHHH. It’s a trick! Don’t fall for it! The prestigious college degree means this person is good at jumping through hoops. If that is what you are looking for, then by all means, pay attention to the degree. But don’t delude yourself into thinking it means more than that.

Fruits don’t need stickers and people don’t either. If the banana’s got no sticker, I’m still interested.

Outside Radio

outside radio

Me: Who invented ambient music?
Foster: The rainforest at night.

Humans evolved in the wild, and now we spend our days in boxes under florescent lights. Is it any wonder we go crazy?

Try Outside Radio, available anytime in the summer when you turn off the radio and go outside. No offense musicians, but nature is better than you. Same goes for writers, artists, movie makers and all the other creators of stuff you consume through computers and TVs. So please, stop reading my bullshit and go outside.

P.S. I want to learn bird language.

Eye contact is hard, just sayin’

retinal connection

Sometimes I find it hard to look people in the eyes. Like right into their pupils. It takes a lot of focus and courage.

The picture on the bottom is a sketch of optic disks and maculas (the part of the retina with the best vision). It’s an intimate thing, projecting the image of another person’s eyeball onto your macula. If eye contact is good, I imagine the retinal vessels shaking hands.