Rat race brain vs. Spaceship earth brain

Rat race brain vs spaceship earth brain

Just watched this video on “The Overview Effect” – which basically shows that we are all connected and our individual little rat races don’t matter and that we all need to work together to be excellent stewards of this rock we live on.

It brought back memories of a speech by David Foster Wallace, where he talked about standing in line in a grocery store, and how miserable and impatient he felt in his daily rat race.

It got me thinking that there are 2 basic states of the brain: a brain that is relaxed and ready to appreciate the world as an interconnected symbiotic thingy, and a brain that is stuck in a rat race of little goals. Since we are not all blessed to see the world spinning below us like the astronauts, we need to work to tap into the “Spaceship earth brain” as much as we can. A practical method of doing this is to take some time for yourself to appreciate it all.

“In Pensacola Florida, people have given up on the whole competitive thing, and just try to help each other out.” – Mike. I want to go there!

A relevant video.

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