Coffee with slow motion

coffee with slow motionNote to self: eat slower! Eat tiny meals slowly and watch tiny molecules hang out on their receptors and relax…


UPDATE (9/12/2013):

Fall is the best time for camping. You appreciate campfires more. – Liz

Six months after I drew this, it is fall. Today, I sat in a lecture and got a cup of free coffee and filled it up half way and savored it. I was able to “zone in” to the taste. Lunch was also provided today, free. I got just one sandwich, not two. I resisted the free-food greed. I watched a colleague scarf down a second sandwich. That was me for a long long time…

Yesterday I sat in the cafeteria with my food in front of me and just watched the trees in the window sway in the breeze, not eating. And today as I talked to a neighbor, even though I was rushing to get somewhere, I paid attention to her completely for a few minutes. Then I told her, “Sorry, I got to go.”

Maybe the right approach to any experience, whether it is a sandwich or a conversation, is to ask: do I have the time to enjoy this?

Maybe I am becoming more present. Maybe I am appreciating the campfires more. Thank you, fall.


A cool, relevant, sculpture:20130909_074100

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