A stop and smell the flowers kind of day

a stop and smell the roses kind of day

So hard to stop and smell the flowers in this hustle bustle life that I had to make a special to-do list for it!

The mentality of “let’s do this thing real quick so I can be at the next thing on time!” saps enjoyment out of the thing you’re doing. Time stinks! What a not-fun invention!

One of my favorite things is spontaneity. For me, when things just happen in an open block of time, it’s unexpected and magical. Last night I had 2 social things to go to. I was stressed at social thing 1 because I had to get to social thing 2 on time (such terrible problems, I know!). My take home lesson: if the goal of my day is leisure, only schedule one thing to do. That way I’m not going from thing 1 to thing 2 to thing 3, always thinking of the next thing. I’m going to thing 1 and jamming with it as long as the jamming’s good.

“I’m hoping I’ll succeed at creating a world that people will want to spend time in regardless of incentives. It’s a ‘stop and smell the flowers’ kind of game.” – Phil Fish, creator of the video game Fez.

Hurry up, hurry up, we have to get to…the present.

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