Let’s live close to each other

lets try to live close to each other

When my great uncle’s kids were thinking of leaving Moldova for Israel, he and his wife said: “Our whole family will leave as a unit, on one airplane.” And so they left together and stayed close-knit as a family.

Technology is nice. Skype lets you see people. Facebook let’s you wish people “Happy Birthday” once a year. But the list of “Happy Birthdays” on my facebook is not generally a list of the closest people in my life.

Today is my brother’s birthday. I thought about wishing him “Happy Birthday” on facebook, but instead my family drove to see him in 3D. Society places a lot of emphasis on careers and this leads to families and friends living far apart, being 2D at best.

There’s a lot of value in living in one place for a long time. My uncle said: “How can you compare the friends I have here to the ones back home? I grew up with those people. I knew them for 40 years. They didn’t need to call and ask if they could come over.”

I’m not saying nomads can’t have great lives, but this is stuff worth thinking about.

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