Handwriting experiment

handwriting experiment

There’s a nearly 5-fold increase in the time that it takes to produce pretty letters vs. scraggly ones.

It’s probably similar in other industries. I have a family friend who is a glassblower who said that people aren’t paying $400 for beautiful vases anymore when they can get cheap ones from Wal-Mart for $20. I guess it’s all a trade-off and IKEA has its place in our go-go-go throwaway world. But it’s nice to be a craftsman and get lost in the art when you can. Plus the investment pays off if you actually use the well-made thing you make or buy. You have something that’s a pleasure to use, won’t break, and works better.

A friend: “Whenever anyone asks my how I make something, I always say that the #1 ingredient is love.”

My uncle: “If you don’t do something well, then don’t do it at all.”

What if everything I did I did with love. What if every project was an immortality project, something that I was doing to be remembered for after I die? What if every project felt real?

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