As long as there’s a leaf in the world, I can’t be depressed

by danscreativeoutlet

leaf in my hand

At the end of my brother’s graduation we walked into the natural history museum at Cornell. There I learned that there have been 5 mass extinctions each of which killed over 70% of species on this planet. Wikipedia confirms this.

So I shouldn’t get depressed about plastic and pollution. Life is brittle, but it can bounce back. Even if everything died off and there was just one tree left, with just a single leaf, that’d still be amazing.

Whenever I go to unpleasant places, I’ll make a habit of taking a leaf in my pocket. When I need some reassurance, I’ll hold the leaf and it will stream its energy into my palm. If there’s a leaf in the world, that means there’s a tree, and that means something’s still ticking on this planet.

A relevant song: Krongu Green Slime, by Jeffrey Lewis