Keep hitting that adventure button

by danscreativeoutlet

adventure button 2

One night my brother and I hiked through the gorges in Ithaca, NY. We got to a waterfall.

“Want to go in?” said my brother. I was scared. I didn’t want to get wet and cold. But we took the plunge and it was great.

It struck me that 5 years ago I wouldn’t have been as hesitant. Maybe in 5 more years I won’t even go under the waterfall. I think I’m becoming less adventurous.

Adults are less adventurous, I think. Adults are creative and adventurous in specific areas where they feel safe, but aren’t adventurous in general. They are more fragile and like comfort more. Maybe they understand that you can get hurt and maybe they’ve been there and done that and they can relive their waterfall memories without needing to get cold tonight.

But kids are more alive. The adventure button is this big red button which delivers a drop of surprise. It’s good to keep hitting it, well into old age.