Neuron furniture rearrangement

neuron furniture rearrangement

Theoretically, it should be possible to summarize a book in terms of the physical effects it has on the brain. Grapes of wrath? Great book. It made the following changes to my brain:

  • Neuron 3.42q23432432.9329, dendrite 4224 moved to position 34223 on neuron 324.qer.243234.
  • Neuron 3qb.242342.3242327 grew six more folds to its golgi apparatus.
  • And so on…

It’s trippy to think about putting a camera on the brain as it is fed sensory experiences and watching the neurons grow and rearrange themselves through life. A bunch of living brains on display in the brain museum. Brain reality TV. This one’s a doctor, this one’s a lawyer, this one’s a scientist, this one’s a priest. Different neurons moving in different ways in different brains based on different experiences.

A bunch of arrows and X’s in the brain somehow catch all that we experience. As you read this, your neurons are slithering and sliding over each other. What a trip!

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