Markers vs. Cell Phones

eyeMarkers vs. Cell Phones

I recently got back from visiting my brother in New York. We developed a evening ritual there: drinking tea and drawing in the evening before bed. The pictures above are from those late night doodle-sessions.

My brother had bought an expensive set of markers, and justified his purchase by asking: “What brings you more enjoyment: these markers or an iPhone?” The answer was clear to me. iPhones are stressful and ADD-inducing. Markers are meditative and relaxing.

Later, I was on a train. It was Shabbat and technically you aren’t supposed to travel, but I was keeping the spirit of the day and not doing any work. Just observing the world of the train. I saw two guys in front of me scrolling through Instagram on their phones. The one guy was being super-productive, scrolling at breakneck speed, liking tons of photos. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. And what did he have at the end of it: not much.

The internet, with its ability to change what you are looking at every second, is not designed for getting into something. You can spend your life scrolling without really ever thinking or making. I got bored on the train and practiced twirling my pen. Though seemingly a useless activity, I improved my dexterity, I learned some practical physics. The virtual world is not all its cracked up to be. I vote markers over iPhones any day of the week.

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