Love emanating

love emanating

At Acroyoga the other day, I lay on the ground with closed eyes and felt a love emanating from somewhere between the back of my throat and my heart, filling the whole room. It wasn’t directed at any one person or thing. It just existed, and emanated.

Laying in bed on Shabbat yesterday, I felt the same thing. With technology and to-do lists closed for the day, it was easier to feel this love.

What is the point of it all? For me, maybe, the point is to feel this mental state as much as I can. Some things shut it off, like being stressed or addicted to technology or trying to be clever. Some things turn it on, like lying still or washing dishes for my family.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

“In the original interviews of near-death experiences, a number of people reported a realization that there was a purpose to life. The purpose of life was not to become an expert, or to become powerful, or to become wealthy, or even to make a huge contribution to our culture. The purpose of life was to grow in wisdom and learn how to love better. And that is a process.” – Rachel Naomi Remen

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