Wine on the winemaking pages

“Since I first wrote it [The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency], the book has certainly gotten about. I have traveled in at least dozens of countries since I wrote it (to say nothing of four continents), and in every one of them people have come up to me with their copy to sign. I have been delighted to find wine stains on the wine-making pages, and good, honest dirt on the gardening pages.” – John Seymour

Theory is fine and dandy, but practice is where it’s at.

You have to do things, not just philosophize and “understand” things.

My goal this vacation is to get my copy of the Complete Book of Self Sufficiency covered with wine and dirt. I’ll be taking pictures, and will post them below when they are taken.


Kimchi I made (with guest appearances from my mom’s zucchinis and my dad’s home brew kombucha):


A towel holder, made by my dad (mostly) and me: 


My dad turning wood on his lathe:


Gardens I worked on weeding at the mind-body retreat in Ithaca (Travis Knapp was the main garden master – check out his soulful music.):



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