The entropy of people

The entropy of peopleOn the TV show House, House is this brilliant guy but he needs his team to talk things through to get ideas.


I recently was cleaning the kitchen and moved the paper towels. My roommate said: “Great idea putting them here [on a ledge behind the sink]. There’s more counter space.”

I wasn’t even thinking to do anything in particular, but cool, I helped solve a problem, I thought.


A few minutes later I was in a bit of a rut, wandering around the house. 

“You should go on a bike ride,” my roommate said.

I did, and it was a great bike ride. I wouldn’t have thought of it without my roommate.


People have different perspectives and what’s obvious to one is not obvious to another and we all collide and bump into each other and through sheer entropy we create better ideas.


The picture is one I drew in first or second grade. 

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