Talked to a juggler last night, who said: If you practice 15 minutes every day that’s better than practicing for 2 hours for just one day a week. Your brain needs time to process what it’s learned.


A powerful thing. You carry a few ideas through life and keep coming back to them. They get polished and change in your head as they change you.

Buster Benson’s Codex Vitae is his brain upload. In it, he comes up with a system for revisiting: a list of things he revisits every day, a list he revisits every month, a list he revisits every year.

Above is a picture of the 6 ideas I’m experimenting with revisiting each morning, on index cards by my bed (a few of these were stolen from Benson):

  1. Priming – just the title card, to remind myself of what I’m doing: revisiting, priming my brain with ideas I like
  2. Quality time – the point of life
  3. Mindfulness, mind wandering, focused thinking – each is a good brain mode, but not all are equal for all jobs
  4. Addictions – a reminder to avoid them
  5. Aliveness – “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. The world needs more people who have come alive.” Good example of this.
  6. Soloverse – what I think isn’t the truth

These ideas are in some ways obvious, and easy to forget. Here’s to (hopefully) many years of remembering them!

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