Infection Reflection

A week, a week, it’s been a week
A week since I fell
Into the pit 
Where I couldn’t
Or dream
Or laugh 
But it wasn’t bad
I have to say

The comforts were astounding
Sheets and TV
Tea and sweets
As my poor throat took a pounding

It got to the point of fading out
And so I did the math
A doctor was worth it
The pills were great
And soon
I saw a ladder

Wobbly step
By wobbly step
I slowly climbed 
Out of the pit

And now,
After a week
The energy 
Is starting to flow back
Maybe I can go here 
Or there
Explore this
Or explore that

But what lesson should I take with me
From that pit
Where I had sat?

It takes work, I see now
To scream 
And cry
To get upset
Work I couldn’t do 
In the pit
It was just
Much too hot

The thing that was good 
About the pit
Was not having to worry much
About who’s right
About who’s wrong
About who’s to blame
About the world
All that stuff takes energy
Energy I did not have

In the pit 
There was no gym or cooking left
No self-sufficiency
I needed help
I needed care
The mental chatter died right down
The voices and the crowd
The neutrophils needed time to work
Infections can be loud

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