Moon Poems

No birdsong on the moon

There's no birdsong on the moon
And no smell of urine 
Coming from the litterbox

There's no leaves up there
And no insomnia

Just light
And dark
And rocks



Zoom out in time
And you'll see
That the Buddhists 
And the physicists
Are right

Am not a thing
But a happening:
Cells and molecules
Coming together
For a moment
Before dissolving again

"The moon"
Is the same:
Rock and dust
Coming together for a cosmic flash
Before going 
To their next appointment


Beowulf and Australopithecus,
Plato and Jesus,
The blood that gave
Nutrition to your retinas
Was a very similar blood
To mine

The image
Of the full moon
Registered by your photoreceptors
Back in the day
Is quite similar
To the white spotlight
Beaming into my eyes, tonight

Humans of yesteryear,
I think it would be hard
To find common ground 
For conversation with you

After all, 
The TV shows 
Have changed so much

Except the Moon Show

I think we could talk about that

For example:
Both ten thousand years ago
And today
People might be dying
Far from other humans
But with the moon 
Keeping them company

Then and now
Looking at
The same thing
As they become
Other happenings


It's nice
To have something
To keep us moored
Even if
That solidity
Is an illusion

You've been a great companion
All these years

Earth's pet

Yes, everything is a happening
But some happenings 
Last longer
Than others


The moon doesn't know
That you slept through its eclipse
Its grand performance
Last night

The moon 
Doesn't know
That you are now
Angry at yourself


Yesterday, a friend was late
I missed the yoga class
But, while waiting
Got to see
The lichens on the tree
Brilliant green and cool blue


Can we really 
Miss out on anything?

Only if we believe
That this moment
Doesn't have
Everything that we need

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