Attention, oh attention

Oh, you shine

Onto trees and rivers
Birds and bears

Mind, oh mind 
Don't you believe
The dancing men
Up there on the stage
For some are charlatans
But some speak truth

Question mark
Oh, question mark
You are the one 
Who moves the spotlight
To and fro
Wince to wither
Earth to moon

I was brought up
Thinking that
"How do we get to the moon?"
Was a perfectly good question

Until I heard a man from Harlem say: 

"What's up there on the Moon? Nothing
Going there is groovy 
For certain people
But not the black man in America"

"How can we make life on earth better?"
Seems like a better question,

Attention, oh attention
Oh, you shine

Will you light up
Our delusions
Or our truths?

Attention, oh attention
I move you
And you 
Move me

I pray to you,
I love you,
So much

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