Sleep comes like a village

All of the powers
Descended upon
I was drawn, I was left here
For hours
I saw it this morning
The village's song

Sometimes the ins and the outs
Just imagine
Being too much on this land

We are making our way
We know it will happen
Don't rush and don't fret
And don't ever be done

Sleep comes like a village
A village
A village

An Order 
Unknown to itself

The forms that are born
Are the forms that draw out --

The bizarre Jamaican
The chameleon's lute
The hungry sunglasses
The black cul-de-sac
The being, the trying, the bracing 

-- Sleep comes like a village
Let's all go upon
The hill of illusion
The beginning of song

Despite the coffee I drank
The boring big head
The thoughts to do this
Are all filled instead
With substance so dark
And so big and so deep
That I couldn't escape
I couldn't escape
From the village of sleep

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