Acroyoga, circa March 2013. Who knows what the future holds?

Ben: You should invite your parents to acroyoga.

Me: My dad thinks acroyoga is weird.

Ben: He’s right, it’s weird, it’s really f***ing weird.

Acroyoga has changed my life. Here’s how:

-We get together and play around! I haven’t just played around since I was a kid. It’s “adults that want to act like kids” club.

-It has introduced me to a whole world of silly, fun people in Buffalo (and other places) I would not otherwise have met. Acroyoga = exercise + friendship. The friends I’ve made are fairly good friends because I am  trusting them not to drop me!

-The thai massage portion of acro has introduced me to the idea of metta, loving kindness. This is basically attentiveness and presence and sending good vibes to another person.