My mantra

just one thing

Medium-sized anxiety attack last night. So many things on my to-do list. Time to bust out my anti-anxiety artillery:

  • Lit a candle. Didn’t work.
  • Deep breathing with hand on belly. Didn’t work.

Woke up way too early, all anxious. The song Take Pills was stuck in my head: “Only one thing at a time / Anything more really hurts your mind.” I wrote these words repetitively in my notebook. And what do you know — the anxiety got better.

When it comes to getting work done, tunnel vision is good. My puny human brain can’t juggle a lot of things all at once. Today, I’m going to cover up my whole to-do list except for just one check box. I will build a temple out of my day devoted to this one thing. Even if I get distracted, I will at least make some progress towards it.

Serially monogamous, baby. Only one thing at a time, anything more really hurts your mind.