Writings about my philosophy of life:

  • Good life philosophy. What is a “good” life? I’ve been pondering this question deeply for quite some time. Here’s my current crack at an answer.
  • Practices. Practices can help us embody our life philosophy. This is my current collection. Always slightly out of date as I’m constantly trying out new ones and modifying/letting go of old ones.
  • Principles. A small number of quotes that capture ideas I try to live by.
  • Needlestack. A short list of internet things that I find to be profound pointers to a good life.
  • Bookshelf. Take-aways from books I find meaningful.
  • Thinksongs. A philosophical mixtape, writings inspired by songs.
  • Wonderletter. A hopeful letter from my 5-years-in-the-future-self.