Gossip is fun

by danscreativeoutlet

gossip is fun002I heard somewhere that a good Jew doesn’t gossip, doesn’t talk about other people. That’s a hard thing to do, because gossip is so darn fun.

Let’s say someone is mean or inconsiderate towards me. I might think I was in the wrong, but if I discussed the situation with a friend who had the same opinion, I’d feel validated for feeling the way I do.

Gossiping/complaining about people or situations with friends is very satisfying. It’s a way of saying: both of our brains have this little bump that has this little cute hair growing out of it. You see things the way I do. We’re not crazy!

P.S. This is also why I’m so into checking who “likes” these blog posts I write – it’s cool to see people agree with my little brain bumps.