Follow your heart friends

follow your heart friends

I have thought about the purpose of friendship on this blog before (here, here, here and here). Now I have come to a new conclusion about the purpose of friends, which is:

The purpose of friends is to help you follow your heart.

I was hanging out with my friend Ariel, a farmer, a few weeks ago, when she said to me:

Ariel: It sounds like you are having trouble following your heart.

Hell yes, I thought. I wished I could knock these ideas out of me: you need to make tons of money, be prestigious, etc. Hit them really hard and see them on the floor.

Ariel: My mom said, how will you make money as a farmer? I said, I don’t know, but I am surrounded by a community of people with similar values, and that’s important to me.

Me: How did you get into farming?

Ariel: In college I met a bunch of anarchist friends, and some of them were into farming.

Me: What if you didn’t meet those people? What if you went to a college without people like that?

Ariel: I’d be a very different person.

“Follow your dreams” is the goal, but usually I have no idea about how to:

  1. Figure out what those dreams are
  2. Figure out ways of following them, especially where there is no blueprint in place.

Sure, there have probably been a few courageous people like Einstein who set out to sea simply following their dreams, but I think most people had a network of friends or colleagues that made their crazy ideas accepted and gave them blueprints of how to do things.

Ariel: You should volunteer at an urban farm one day a week, just to get your hands in the dirt.

Maybe I will. And maybe I will start thinking of my friends not merely as people to go out to dinner with, but as people who will help me do the things that I want to do.

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