Religion and Bikes

spirituality bicycle

With bikes, some people will:

  1. Buy their bike pre-assembled and will go to an expert to fix it.
  2. Buy their bike pre-assembled and will fix it themselves.
  3. Assemble their bike themselves from parts of their choosing.

With religion, some people will:

  1. Stick to their religion dogmatically, and go to experts for guidance.
  2. Stick to their religion, but think about it for themselves. They may stray from dogma if the dogma doesn’t work for them.
  3. Study many religions and try to find the parts that work for them, to create a personal spirituality. The kid in the picture is doing this.

I’m somewhere between 2 and 3. I need to think about things for myself.

Puzzle time: How many different religious symbols can you spot in the picture?

2 thoughts on “Religion and Bikes

  1. jesus dan, I see a Star of David, Cross, some voodoo mask(?), Yin-Yang, Moon & Star, Hammer. Those wheels….what are the wheels ahggah?!

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