Figure out your own damn hierarchy


Maslow had this thing called the hierarchy of needs. The basic idea is that people need certain basic things (e.g. food) before certain other things (e.g. romantic love).

Problem is, the hierarchy isn’t the same for everyone.

Some may be able to run on 3 hours of sleep. I need 8.

Some may be fine not talking to others. I like connecting.

Some might not care about creating. I need it.

Sure, Maslow is generally right. The musical Cabaret is generally right:

Words sound false
When your coat’s too thin
Feet don’t waltz
When the roof caves in

Cabaret, I don’t care much

We all need the same basic things. But when you get a level up, there’s diversity of hierarchies of needs. If we take someone else’s hierarchy as our own, we won’t feed our soul.

I’ve done this for too long. Waking up early anxious about being hungry later and shoveling food into my mouth before work.

Yesterday I woke up with my head full of ideas. I started doodling. I drew this pyramid and hung it on my wall. Then I realized: I won’t have time to eat.

That’s ok.

For me, spontaneity, creativity, are more important than food.

At work I got hungry and downed some unhealthy food as my blood sugar crashed. But I had fed my soul.

Figure out what feeds your soul, and do those things first.

Not what Maslow told you you should do, but what makes you feel good, on a deep, spiritual level.

Don’t trust Maslow. Figure out your own damn hierarchy.

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