A smoothie of fingers

"Trust in the universe" or
"Trust in your gut" or
A spiritual teaching is like
A finger pointing at the moon
Not the moon itself
Is it my job, then
To gather all the fingers
As many as possible
Into my basket
To come home, and make
A smoothie?
Gory, yes
But just imagine
It's strawberry!
It strikes me that this is
What I've been doing
More or less
The diligent student from high school
Is still around
Trying to get all the points
On the test
The moon
Is closer than you think
I say to myself today
To not forget it
For I went there yesterday
I didn't need anything to be different
I was my own
Perfect company
The most effective pointers
Are the simplest
You just need one
Or zero
It's the moon you're after
Not a smoothie of fingers

(I read this poem on this podcast)

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