Thanksgiving with Pele

It isn't very often 
That I encounter
Something totally new
Like lava
Making new land
As I crunch 
The decade old lava field
Under my feet 
Walking towards the rainbow
It strikes me 
That this primordial ooze
Is the beginning
Of everything 
That's land
It took some years for plants to settle it
Animals to eat those plants
And eventually 
In a very convoluted succession
I resulted
And now I'm back
To the source of it all
In a way
I'm back to my mother
The source of all 
Lava field,
Under my feet
Thank you for being
The first solid thing
My sneakers 
Are crunching you now
Sneakers, you too
Are a descendant of lava
Mother of mothers
The air glows red 
Above you
The bleeding 
After the birth
Newest land, 
I wish you the best
As you grow up
You'll have children
Of your own
But I won't get to meet them
(Written in Volcanoes National Park)

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