On Mystery

Why do monstera leaves have holes?

An answer comes:
The top leaves have holes
So the bottom leaves
Can have light

The answer goes

I check the plant
Count the leaves
From the top
One, two leaves - Both with holes
Three, four leaves - No holes

The case is closed

Or is it?

This answer makes sense
To my human mind
The mind feels euphoric, "blown"
Like it understands
The mind of the plant
But is Mystery here really
Gone for good?

Plant decision making
Is Mysterious
We come up with
Ways of understanding it
That please
Our human brains
But we don't have a way
To know the real reasons
For the holes

The plant's thinking
We cannot know

Is seeing
The limits of our brains
And falling in love with that

In love with knowing that there are things
We can never know
No matter how many classes we take
Experts we talk to
Experiments we do
Or books we read

Of the vastness
Of unanswered
And unanswerable
Is Mystery

Too often, we live in cardboard boxes
Of false certainty
We think, from within these boxes
That no Mysteries exist

We think
That the walls of our boxes
Are the walls of the world

All questions can be cracked
By the scientific method!
We think

We don't see the point
Of swimming in Mystery
It seems that much of what we do these days
Wants to banish Mystery
As if it were some sort of pestilence
Out, out, damned spot!

Why indulge the view
That some things are unknowable?
Isn't it good enough
To embrace the useful
And get on with life?
Lord knows there's already too much to do
And we are oh so far behind

Isn't all this gazing at the stars
Wondering if somebody is gazing back
Just navel gazing?

What's the point of Mystery?



The world expands
When we let Mystery in

Inspired by TF and NB

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