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In the last decade of doodling and wondering, I have amassed quite the pile of posts. To help you get started, here are some of my favorites, arranged by theme.

Philosophy of living well

Our most sustainable energy source is hope (on envion/mental health). Both hope and despair are self-fulfilling prophecies. If a worldview leads to hope, go for it, because you’ll have more energy to make things better.

The power of pragmatism (on envion/mental health). We can’t know “The Truth” in any absolute, rock-hard sense. Where does that leave us? Pluralism and meliorism. In common-speak: open-mindedness and making things a little better every day.

Service is spiritual health. Love emanating. The Y-Axis of life. We can only control our intentions. Cultivating good ones is what life is all about.

Attention machines. The rabbi’s wristwatch. Righteousness programming. The objects, people, and practices in our lives sculpt our attention. We have the power to choose what these are!

She’s starting to live her life from the inside out. Follow your heart friends. Look into his eyes and you can see, why all the little kids are dressed in dreams. How do we wayfind through life? Following the spark of interest and hanging with people who support us are the best answers I’ve found. Simple but not easy, since the social universe can easily ensnare us into chasing prestige.

Time is more than money. Time is the candle, and our life is the flame. Don’t trade the candle for trinkets.

Life is one big alternation of states. Change and flux are central to life.

Strategies for spiritual expansiveness

Three inspiring humans. People are magical. Found a few buddhas, hanging out under logs. When I find myself looking at someone else with judgement or contempt, it’s like my brain is playing a mean trick on me. Instead of seeing this person in their wholeness, I am only seeing a small part of them. These articles are a reminder to be like a bloodhound, on the trail for the magic in people.

Circle of life escalator. Wabi Sabi. Meditations on death, composting, and the limits of technology.

Movement research. Time to say wow. The importance of slowing down, letting the rational mind step out of the driver seat.

The things that I love. Lord Warbunny says… Two reminders about simple sources of joy.

Other musings

Escape from flatworld. The reward for good performance in Flatworld (the world of screens) is a promotion in Flatworld. This is why I stopped tweeting.

As long as there’s a leaf in the world, I can’t be depressed. Planetary skin care. We need a different keyboard. Some musings on our environmental predicament.

Life is too hard without a refuge. A reflection on living 10 years with, and 25 years without, my grandpa Shulim.

I know it’s completely irrational, but I’m still scared to death of middle school jocks. Low self-esteem, anyone? Conditioning is hard to break.

Sober drugs. Humans love to modify consciousness. Some substance-free ways to do it.

Silly humor is the humor for me. For me, silly = soul-expanding.